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S Explains: The Law Of Attraction (‘The Secret’)

law of attraction

I recently wrote a post about fate vs free will and the age-old debate about whether or not our future is determined by our own choices or by something that is already written. This post got me thinking about another topic I greatly enjoy reading/talking about: the Law of attraction.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the law of attraction is, it is the idea that like attracts like. If you constantly focus on the negative aspects of life, you will attract more negatives. If you focus on the positive, you will attract more positives.

The law of attraction also states that you can manifest the things you want using your thoughts and feelings. In order to get the thing you want (house, car, job), you have to be on the same vibrational level as it – a positive one. Talking about the things you want and feeling as though you already have them is another important step in the LOA.

If you want to learn more, I highly recommend you watch Rhonda Byrne’s documentary ‘The Secret’. It’s currently streaming on Netflix and YouTube! The film features tons of interesting interviews with teachers and authors and explains what the secret is in full detail. Rhonda Byrne also has a book (‘The Secret’) based on the film. She has also written a follow-up book called ‘The Power’. (And a few others.)

A lot of people swear by the law of attraction and use it every day.

Personally, I like the idea of the law of attraction, and have heard/seen the benefits of using it, but where does the LOA fit into the fate discussion?

First of all, does it actually work? And if it does, is it possible to want something that is the opposite of our fate or destiny? Will we still get it? Will it eventually all fall apart because it’s not what we’re supposed to have – is it a part of the journey to our fate?

These questions have been running through my head lately. So if anyone knows the answers, please let me know! I will continue to read up on the law of attraction and see if I can work out how to be positive all the time while living in London and taking the train to work every day!

Stay bodacious.


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