S Explains: Personality Vs Appearance

Growing up, I always had trouble with my appearance. No matter how many times my mother or sister ranted on about how beautiful I was, I never really believed I was “pretty“. Hell, I still have trouble with it now! But the only difference between then and now, other than the fact that I wear a lot more makeup (not well, I might add), is that back then I didn’t really care. Well, I did, but not enough to actually do something about it! I don’t know why I didn’t just cover my face with makeup. The thought didn’t even cross my mind! I wore the occasional full-emo eyeliner, but that’s as far as it went.

And because I wasn’t particularly “pretty” (and had this weird one-of-the-guys thing going on) boys didn’t really like me. And because I didn’t have little, lame boys on my case, I had more time to work on my personality haha. This obviously worked out pretty well for me because it meant that I could form into the cool, witty, and extremely weird little siren babe that I am.

Nowadays, as opposed to when I was younger, I don’t really care about boys (well, any that I know, anyway). The only guys I need in my life are the ones that play loud riffs in sweaty Camden venues! But this post isn’t about music, though it should be because, let’s face it, that’s way more interesting than my weird late-night thoughts.

But we’ll continue, anyway.

As cliche as it sounds, the person you are, the things you do, and the things you say are much more valuable in life than the way you look—and I currently say this with patchy/half eyelashes because the one time I tried to get something that would improve my appearance (eyelash extensions) it backfired (and pulled out all my real lashes).

So, as I sit here looking like something out of E.T’s home planet, I’m writing this post to remind you all that:

You are witty and eloquent. Your thoughts are intelligent. Your hobbies are interesting. And you are one goddamn rad human being!

And even if you don’t feel like the best version of yourself, the people who know and love you will think that you’re the most amazing, beautiful, wonderful glow of light—even if you have bald eyelashes. Why? Because your amazing, one-of-a-kind and incredibly fascinating personality will make them see you for the angel that you are!

It is a wonderful thing to be loved and admired for the person you truly are.

Anyone can be society’s idea of “beautiful”, but what’s the point if you’re just an aesthetically pleasing shell of a person with the charisma of a doorknob? I’d rather be interesting and intelligent than traditionally beautiful and dull.

*Note: I’m not saying beautiful people are dull. I’m just making a point here, guys!

So although I don’t feel like the best version of myself appearance-wise, I think I’m starting to understand why my amazing family/friends act like the sun shines out of my backside (when I’m really just a greasy-haired weirdo 99% of the time). Even without my eyelashes, I’m still funny, I’m still interesting, and I’m still a smart-ass—the best qualities a girl can have!

If you spend every second of the day worrying about how you look, life becomes extremely difficult and boring.

So although it’s easier said than done, don’t place your value on the way you look (or the way you think you should look), because you are interesting, and gnarly, and loved.

You’re also pretty damn beautiful so don’t even worry about it, girl!

Stay bodacious


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