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S Explains: Fate Vs Free will

amor fati

Do you believe in fate? And I don’t mean telling everyone that the reason you’re single is because “everything happens for a reason” all while secretly thinking, “wow, this is utter bullshit. The reason I’m single is because I’m a nightmare”. I mean really believe in fate. Do you think that your job, partner, friends and life events are all predetermined? Or do you think that it all changes depending on what decisions you make in life: like there are several paths to go down and each decision leads you down one of the many options for your life?

Do you think fate or freewill determines your life?

I don’t know. I have always believed in fate. I believe that my life is destined to go a certain way and the decisions I make will lead me to that path. But there’s a whole other set of issues that come along with that way of thinking. If my life is already set out, then I don’t really have any free will. The decisions I think I’m making for myself are ultimately just choices I was destined to make in order to get to the life that’s planned for me. I have no free will, no real decision-making ability, and I’m pretty much going to end up doing whatever is decided, so there’s no point trying to figure things out and find my purpose.

Well, isn’t that depressing?!

Okay, so I don’t actually think it’s that disheartening—or at least I hope it’s not! I do truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that things that are meant to be will be, but I don’t think there is one way to get to your destined life. I believe that free will allows us to make decisions, but, no matter what we do or choose, we will always end up at the place we’re meant to be. The duration of that journey may be long or short, the road might be winding or straight-ahead, but it always leads to the same destination. So don’t worry too much about where on the road you are right now.

Wow, that sounded so lame. Please ignore the Hallmark-card-esque delivery and focus on the message.

Stay bodacious.



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