4 Reasons Why It’s Ok That You’re Not Living Your “Best Life” | How To Be Happy Series

Do you want to feel like a total loser? Just click on the page of one of those Instagram celebrities and see what they are up to this week. They are probably on a tropical island somewhere with their attractive friends dancing around in their Gucci flip flops! And what are you doing? Well, it’s a weekday, so you’re probably browsing the web in your PJs or about to shower, and get ready for bed because you have real-life, non-Instagram type work tomorrow. Yeah, the definition of “best life” really isn’t any of that—it’s definitely the tropical island thing.

Ok. So you might not be living your “best life” at the moment. And yes, it’s super annoying because you really just want to lounge around on a beach for 10 hours and eat fruit cocktail from a large fishbowl, but such is life!

It’s a bit of a drag, but it’s actually ok.

It’s normal to feel frustrated with your every day 9-5 and your regular routine. Sometimes you just really need someone to contact you and offer you a trip to Tahiti in exchange for a few sponsored Instagram posts! But that only happens to a select few (though this is getting increasingly more common nowadays).

But since I literally just watched 5 Instagram stories of various females living their “best lives” on a beautiful, bright blue beach, I decided to make a little guide on getting over those “best life” blues!

1. Remember that you’re doing ok

You’re doing the best you can, man. You’re working hard and getting shit done, and trying to be happy in this crazy, cold world (Paramore reference, what up?). You’re doing perfectly fine. Don’t feel bad for being a normal human and not an Instagram human!

2. You have plenty of time to live your “best life”

You will live your “best life” when you’re able to. Not everyone can just pack up and go on holiday! Some of us only have 20-something days of annual leave!

3. Becky’s “best life” doesn’t equal your “best life”

Not everyone’s idea of “best life” is the same. Yours may just be sitting in your PJs inhaling Oreos! And that’s super chill. Do you, homegirl!

4. Don’t let social media fool you into thinking a “best life” is happening to everyone but you

FOMO is stupid, and you’re not missing out on life. It’s your “best life”, meaning you can do whatever you want to do when you want to do it.

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  1. This is so true! We subconsciously compare ourselves to what we see on social media forgetting the struggles and the non-perfect life that they may have.

    1. Shadz Brooke Mustafa says:

      Yes, exactly. You can’t believe everything you see on the internet. I just think that seeing all this stuff online makes us feel like we’re not living our lives correctly, and that can be seriously damaging to our mental health.

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