4 Tips For Finding Motivation When You’re Seriously Struggling!

So often I find myself moaning about all the things I need to get done. I write to-do lists like crazy because 1. I forget most things, and 2. I’m a Capricorn and organisation is kinda my jam. But making lists and coming up with ideas is the easy part. The hard part is the follow-through. Most of the time, I am exhausted and struggle to find the energy to wash my hair after work, let alone clean my room, organise my cupboard, and write a review!

Motivation is something I seriously struggle with but I have learnt that with these few tips, I can combat my exhaustion and general laziness in order to get things done!

Tip 1: Start small – Really small.

I know every list ever says the only way to get something done is to start small, but seriously, the ONLY way to begin something is to start small. And I mean really small! Write a sentence, fold a top, clean the top of one table! Once you do one little thing, momentum builds, and you can soon finish that review or clean your house without taking a 3-hour dead-girl nap. You just have to break the task down into the smallest of pieces

Tip 2: Under no circumstances should you relax first!

“I’ll just sit for a little bit and then get started” – sound familiar? It’s what we say every time we end up not doing anything productive! If you’re relaxed, you’re going to be way too lazy to get up and do what you need to. You can relax when you finish!

Tip 3: Incentives work!

I’m usually motivated to do something if it means I can so something much better, that requires no effort straight after. You know, like watching the new episode of ‘Riverdale’ or eating one (or five) bars of chocolate. It works! Rewards make everything worth it!

Tip 4: Don’t beat yourself up if you are seriously lacking motivation.

We all get unmotivated from time to time. Criticising yourself because of it doesn’t help or solve anything! Accept your newfound laziness. Yes, you can try the above tips and attempt to get things done, but if you can’t, and you really aren’t feeling it today (or any other day), just accept it. It’s ok.

I really struggle with motivation. I even struggled to start this post! (Irony at its finest.) But honestly, these tips help me out a lot, so I hope they help some of you.

Stay bodacious.


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