4 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Insecure | How To Be Happy Series

We all become insecure sometimes. It’s one of the many burdens we have to face as human beings. And as annoying as it is, it’s a very normal thing. Yes, we all wish we didn’t have to go through the pain of feeling insecure, but sadly, we do. And although it’s easy to feel insecure (it literally requires no effort at all) it’s extremely difficult to get out of feeling this way. The tricks below usually have me feeling better in no time. Take a look, hopefully, they work for you too.

1. Dancing embarrassingly around your room

As corny as it sounds, dancing around my room always makes me feel better. When I’m feeling crappy and my hair is a greasy mess and I just hate everything, I crank up an upbeat pop-punk tune, or a 90s pop classic if I’m feeling fancy, and dance around in my underwear. It may be weird, but I feel like when I strip down to my vest (or bra) and underwear, I feel better about myself. In those moments of happiness where I’m singing along (as tone-deaf as I am) to my favourite tunes, I feel bare but I feel empowered. I accept myself completely. It may be unusual, but it works.

2. Make a list of all your good qualities – a real list!

We don’t want any of the “but there’s not really anything great about me…” or the “I’m not that good at…”

I know that you’re a total babe and have many amazing qualities that need embracing. Being conceited isn’t a thing anymore. Identifying and welcoming your good qualities, and loving yourself is not being vain! You are allowed to think you’re the gnarly babe that you are.

3. Pamper yourself (aka do all the things you are too lazy to do on a daily basis)

Yep, this includes shaving your legs, tweezing your eyebrows and painting your toenails. Bubble baths, face masks and exfoliating your lips are also all good options. Do all the things that make you feel like your best self.

4. Remove yourself from the situation

Focus outside of yourself. This is a little trick that I learned from cognitive behavioural therapy for my anxiety. When you’re feeling anxious, or in this case, awful about yourself, the best thing to do is focus on literally anything else. Do you need to finish cleaning out your makeup? Are you due for a wardrobe clear out, or do you want to start that book you haven’t had a chance to? Do it. Do all of it. You will feel much better once you start feeling productive and take your mean little mind away from criticising and name-calling.

I hope these tips help you in some way.

Stay bodacious.


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