S Explains: Self-Esteem

My first post on Planet Siren, like almost all that will follow, is about myself, well, my feelings. Lucky for you, I’m not just going to ramble on about my mood fluctuations. Instead, I’m going to write about something that affects me and probably all females. I’m going to write about the riddle that is self-esteem.

As someone who has spent years of her life being and feeling insecure, I can honestly say that it takes a long time to reach a point when you’re genuinely happy with yourself. Our teenage years are all about being insecure and completely clueless about who you are, and who you want to eventually be—for the record, I am 100% down with still not knowing what the hell you’re doing at 28! But as I’ve grown up, I’ve realised that I’m a pretty rad person. Yes, I have my many flaws, but overall, I’m pretty stoked with myself.

As I’ve grown up and realised all these wonderful things about myself, I’ve also realised that there is an ugly side of self-esteem too: other people. People constantly tell you to “love yourself”—and of course you should—but as soon as you do, and start believing in your inherent radness, people immediately start with the annoying and misguided, “you’re so conceited”. Society deems females who are proud of themselves and their achievements “vain”. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t vain females on this earth; women who think that looks mean everything, and are too busy loving themselves to care about any other human being. But not every confident woman is like that. Not every woman who appreciates her own beauty and intelligence should be considered, or labelled, self-obsessed.

You know we’re living in really sad times when healthy self-esteem is considered taboo. It’s more than okay to love yourself. You should 100% love yourself—flaws and all. So post your selfies unashamedly, and make sure everyone knows that you know just how special you are.

I’m pretty happy letting everyone know how truly rad I am, and how much I am worth (which, for the record, is a lot). I’m also happy posting a shit-ton of pictures on Instagram for my own enjoyment (mostly pictures of my face and shitty concert photography). I also don’t hang out with people who make me feel crappy or anything less than wonderful. Don’t let other people dim that spark of yours. And under no circumstances should you ever change who you are or stop being yourself to make someone feel better.

I truly hope that every single female realises and appreciate just how beautiful and badass she truly is. I also hope that they are confident enough to say “fuck you” to those who try and tell them otherwise.

Stay Bodacious.


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