Planet Siren To Etsy…

I have been making clothes since I was a teenager, and it’s always kind of been a goal of mine to actually make them for people who aren’t me/my loved ones. And after years of everyone asking me where I get my clothes from, where they can buy something and if I can “make them one”, I decided to make an Etsy and actually sell my weird, grungy creations.

As normal as it is to sell stuff on Etsy nowadays, it was such a scary thing for me to do. I was so scared of embarrassing myself and, well, essentially “failing”. But now that I think about it, that’s incredibly stupid. You can’t fail creativity. I’ve always enjoyed making clothes, and I just want to share that with other people. And it’s not like I’m out here trying to make stacks of money. I’m not even out here trying to make a little bit of money—although some money would be nice. (If you got that Almost Famous reference, you are now my best friend.) I just basically want any excuse to do creative things haha.

So, without further ado, dudes and dudettes (but mostly dudettes), Planet Siren has officially opened on Etsy. Check it out if want!

Planet Siren shop ❤

Stay creative. Stay bodacious.



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