Track Of The Day (New Year): ‘This Is Our Town’ – We The Kings

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an extremely organised person when it comes to work or errands. I make lists for basically everything, and I have excellent time-management skills. I can also multitask with the best of them! This probably sounds like a resume, but I’m just trying to comprehend why I can do all of that quite naturally, but when it comes to managing my own personal time, I’m all over the place. Which is why I was in the shower washing my greasy hair just minutes before the clock struck 12 and it became 2017. All of this has a point, by the way. (I’m a rambler extraordinaire, but even I know when my story isn’t going anywhere.)

I rang in the New Year drying myself off and listening to We The King’s ‘This Is Our Town’. They say that whatever you’re doing on New Year’s Eve, you’ll repeat in the New Year. And since I rekindled my love for the song just hours before (it majestically came on my iPhone shuffle), it’s safe to say that ‘This Is Our Town’ will be my track of the day, week, month, and probably, year! It’s just a mere coincidence that the band will be playing Slam Dunk Festival (and their debut album in full) in May!

‘This Is Our Town’ is a passionate emo track from We The Kings debut 2007 self-titled album. It’s also probably the first (and maybe only) pop-punk song where a band speaks highly of their hometown—a rare occurrence in modern pop-punk. It’s a gem of a song and definitely doesn’t get the credit it deserves!

Don’t worry, WTK. I’ve got your back.

Check it out below! And while you’re at it, go and listen to ‘Check Yes Juliet’ because that song is pure gold—one of my all-time favourites.

Side note: My emo self wrote “check yes Juliet” across my bedroom wall in acrylic paint when I was like 16/17. It was still in my old room in big, bright purple letters up until this year when my father decided that the colour cream is probably better than emo.

Stay bodacious.


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